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Some people call the whole area Palm Springs, but the City of Palm Springs is only the westernmost city here in the desert.

Palm Springs has a lot to offer including a variety of homes and condos from affordable to luxury enjoyed by full-time and seasonal residents from around the world.

How Working With Sheri Can Benefit You As A Buyer

Sheri Dettman’s knowledge of the Palm Springs area real estate market and her extensive negotiating experience in completing hundreds of desert sales transactions can benefit you in a smoother and more profitable experience.

Not Your Average Palm Springs Realtor & Not Average Results!

Most people don’t realize that the average Palm Springs area Real Estate Agent completes less than one sales transaction per month. In contrast, Sheri Dettman and her small team of specialists will complete over 100 sales transactions this year.

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Selling Your Palm Springs Area Home

Because of Sheri's ongoing success in marketing, Sheri and her team receive a high volume of inquires from prospective buyers. In fact, during the last 12 months, Sheri and her team found buyers for 76 of the 109 properties that they sold.

10 Times More Experience
Can Benefit You

Here’s something to consider; The Sheri Dettman & Associates team of specialists will complete over 120 sales transactions this year in all price segments. That’s ten times more experience than the average Palm Springs Realtor, and this can benefit you!

Sheri Dettman and her team see more properties and have more experience negotiating on your behalf. They know the changing Palm Springs area home and condo inventories, and they often know the back stories behind man Palm Springs area properties.

Highly Respected By The Palm Springs Real Estate Community

Highly respected by their Palm Springs area peers, Sheri Dettman and her team of specialists strive to understand and serve their clients needs. Their focus on client satisfaction has resulted in a growing number of transactions and referrals from year after year. 

A Message From Sheri Dettman

Whether you’re ready now, or you’re simply looking for an overview for your future, I invite you to contact me when the time is right–even if you have a simple real estate question.

Spencers At The Tennis Club, Palm Springs

Spencers At The Tennis Club, Palm Springs